Border Security Management (BSM) in East and West Africa


Challenges and Opportunities of BSM in East and West Africa The joint BSM workshop provided a platform to identify best practices and exchange tools and techniques for effective cross-border cooperation in East and West Africa.

The provisions of United Nations (UN) Security Council Resolution 2396 (2017) relating to BSM place significant obligations on African states, many of which are difficult to meet in the short term but may be possible to address through incremental measures.

The workshop explored current border management risks, weaknesses and opportunities relevant to counterterrorism in both the East and West African regions. Conditions such as the vastness of the geographic space, porous borders, cross-border movement of terrorists and its increasing nexus with transnational organized crime, intercommunal border conflicts, as well as illicit trafficking of goods make BSM a daunting task. Moreover, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is exacerbating these security challenges. These challenges are compounded by a number of regional weaknesses in addressing the threats to BSM, including limited regional cooperation and information-sharing, corruption and bribery, as well as the limited use of technology, databases and biometric data systems.

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