SEACOP V - Seaport Cooperation Programme

EU-funded project on the fight against maritime illicit trade/organised crime in Latin America, Caribbean & West Africa

SEACOP V contributes to the fight against maritime illicit trade and associated criminal networks in Latin America, the Caribbean and West Africa -consistent with human rights- in order to alleviate its negative impact on security, public health and socio-economic development.

SEACOP V focuses on:

  • Maritime intelligence and maritime/riverine control

  • Maritime threats and interdictions emanating from the transatlantic illicit trafficking routes

  • Cooperation and information sharing at the national, regional and transregional levels, including with EUROPOL and FRONTEX.

Activities conducted by SEACOP V include training of staff from existing and new Joint Maritime Control Units (JMCU) and Maritime Intelligence Units (MIU) of the SEACOP network, capacity building (knowledge and know-how), threat assessment and promotion of information sharing, among others.

SEACOP V is part of the EU’s Global Illicit Flows Programme (GIFP), which encompass a number of projects aimed at assisting partner countries in their efforts to tackle transnational organised crime.

Funded by the EU, SEACOP V is implemented by Expertise France and FIIAPP. The project benefits from the expertise of a number of implementing partners, including CIVIPOL, Policia Judiciaria, United Kingdom Border Force - UKBF, General Directorate of Customs and Indirect Rights -DGDDI, Directorate of Security and Defense Cooperation - DCSD, Maritime Analysis and Operation Centre - Narcotics - MAOC-(N), National Crime Agency - NCA and European Border and Coast Guard Agency - FRONTEX.

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