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Guide pratique FRONSEC

CBRN substances, their dangers, and border detection and protection measures

A practical guide for border security personnel

This guide has been produced as part of the European Union (EU) Centers of Excellence Nuclear, Radiological, Biological, Chemical (CBRN) Risk Mitigation initiative.


It is developed within the framework of the EU-funded FRONSEC project entitled “Strengthening cross-border capacity for control and detection of CBRN substances” (IFS/2016/373-918) for the benefit of partner countries in the North Africa region, Sahel and Mauritania involved in the project.

The FRONSEC project is part of the CBRN Centers of Excellence initiative of the European Union. Launched in 2010, this initiative aims to identify and prevent the risks of CBRN threats, whether they relate to proliferation, theft, sabotage or smuggling, whether accidental, industrial or natural. The initiative promotes cooperation at national, regional and international level, with the aim of developing a common CBRN risk reduction policy, in the areas of crisis prevention, preparedness and management.

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